What does cyber security mean? And to what extent is this relevant for me?

There are three key concepts of confidentiality, availability and integrity. These three stated protection objectives of information security have become a high priority and continue to gain importance.https://webseiten.online/wp-content/——–


Confidentiality is the property of data to be accessible only to a specific recipient(circle). Other parties should be denied access. The confidentiality of data is legally protected and can be technically promoted or enforced.

Availability is a measure that indicates that a system (e.g. server) meets certain requirements at a specific time. This means that relevant information can be accessed in an adequate time.

Data integrity means that the data retrieved is correct (not modified). There are four types of integrity: correct content, unmodified state, detection of modification and temporal correctness.

SSL (sometimes also known as TLS) is a standardized encryption method that ensures that traffic occurs only between authorized participants. In simple terms, this means that while you are connecting to a website, the data only goes back and forth between you and the relevant server. A special certificate ensures that the traffic cannot be read by third parties. SSL is especially important for the confidentiality of the data.


HTTPS stands for "secure hypertext transmission protocol" and is a communication protocol on the Internet. It works closely with SSL encryption and is responsible for the confidentiality and integrity of the data. With the increase in open and public Wi-Fi connections, HTTPS is becoming more and more important, as it encrypts the data independently of the network. HTTPS not only protects against man-in-the-middle attacks, but also against phishing.


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